Notice to Mariners

Least Depths in Lochboisdale Harbour

NtM 03-2019

Mariners are warned that recent surveys revealed the following least depths within the breakwaters of Lochboisdale & Gasay Harbour, more details are shown on the attached Harbour Depth Survey.

Eastern Breakwater

A shoal, comprising compacted stone with least depths of 3.6 metres below chart datum, extends 55 metres from the eastern breakwater wall along a line running south south westwards from the traffic light signal.

In effect this gives a least depth of 3.6 metres below chart datum to vessels approaching or departing the Fish Pier.

If necessary, owing to insufficient height of tide or draught, this shoal may be avoided by

navigating as close as is safe and practicable in the prevailing weather conditions to the northern pontoon.

A depth of 5 metres below chart datum is available all along the Fish Pier.

Between the Pontoons

A least depth of 2.8 metres below chart datum exists midway along a line joining the ends of the two main pontoons.

Dome-shaped rock

A spot least depth of 1.4 metres is presented by a dome-shaped rock located 12.5 metres south south west from the end of the southern pontoon.

Mariners are not to access the berths on the south side of the southernmost pontoon without permission from the Harbourmaster.

Those vessels permitted by the Harbourmaster to use these berths may avoid this rock by erring their navigation as close as is safe and practicable in the prevailing weather conditions to the southern pontoon.

  1. This notice will remain in force until further notice

Further information can be obtained using the contact details below:

Donald. A. Currie I Port Manager-Lochboisdale Harbour  I  01878 700 830  I  07586787678

Traffic Light Operation in Lochboisdale Harbour Marina
NtM 002-2019

This NtM, effective 1st June 2019, should be read in addition to NtM 001-2018. .
As a consequence of more frequent ferry movements and increased traffic to/from the Marina, there is an increased risk to the safety of navigation from 01 June through to the 30th September between the hours shown below:

Monday to Thursday : 0630-0830 and 1400-2100
Friday/Saturday : 0600-0800 and 1400-2100
Sunday : 0600-0800 and 1400-1830

Lochboisdale Harbour will man and operate the breakwater Red traffic lights (3FR) during the times listed above when large vessels (defined here as any vessel with a draught greater than 3m and or 20m in length and including all RO-RO Ferries transiting the North Gasay channel. If a vessel constrained by its draft requires to transit the Gasay North Channel outside these times, normal controls as per NTM 001-2018 apply.

Actions by all vessels inside Lochboisdale Harbour Marina:-
In addition to the requirements of NtM 001-2018, all vessels departing Lochboisdale Harbour/Marina shall check the traffic lights status. When the red traffic lights are on, no vessel may leave the breakwaters of Lochboisdale Harbour unless such vessel is given permission from the harbour office. Once the vessel constrained by its draft has passed the breakwaters outbound, the red traffic lights will be switched off, allowing normal flow of traffic to resume. Departing vessels shall not overtake the vessel constrained by its draft, within the Gasay North Channel.

Action by Vessels constrained by their draft:-
All vessels deemed constrained by their draft as defined at NtM 001-2018, shall in addition to the Securite message requirements of NtM 001-2018, prior to transiting the Gasay North channel, (between the dates and times listed above) notify the Harbour Office on VHF 12 or contact the duty officer as per below of their intention to transit the Gasay North channel. Inbound vessels shall call the Harbour Office when passing MacKenzie Rock with their ETA at Gasay Light and outbound vessels shall call the Harbour office 5 minutes before departure from the berth or anchorage. The Duty Officer will confirm to the vessel that the Red lights are active.
Port Manager 07586 787 678
Harbour office 01878 700830

This procedure is in place to allow more stringent control over vessel movements during the times highlighted in the LHA Navigational risk assessments. Whilst these procedures should be adopted by all vessels operating in the Lochboisdale Harbour area, it is important that a proper lookout is maintained, that the vessel is proceeding at a safe speed and that sound seamanship is demonstrated by all mariners. This NtM does not relieve the vessel Skippers/Masters their obligation to check the Channel is clear, prior to entering it.

Notice to Mariners 2b-2018 is cancelled.

Lochboisdale Harbour Marina – Notices Remaining in Force

NtM 003-2019

The following Local Notices to Mariners remain in force:

Notice to Mariners 001-2018
Notice to Mariners 003-2018
Notice to Mariners 004-2018
Notice to Mariners 005-2018
Notice to Mariners 002-2019

Further information can be obtained using the contact details below:
Donald. A. Currie | Port Manager – Lochboisdale Harbour | 01878 700 830 | 07586787678


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